Who is Matthew Neer the Co-Creator of Fanpage Cashflow?

co-creator of Fanpage CashflowAs you will see through this article about Matthew Neer and the next one about Jamie Lewis, these dudes are fun and love having fun in all aspects of their life including the business part (I am sure you figured this much already :-) ).

Matthew is am avid skateboarder who – I quote – “skateboards more often than Tony Hawk”. And when his is not skateboarding, he’s pretty much immersed in internet marketing related activities and this is the secret of his success.

Matthew every last bit of resources on mastering pretty much every aspect of IM to generate some astounding results over the last 2 years and he was more than full time online even before the age of 18… talk about an internet marketing genius?

Not too far ago, Matthew was living an existence crisis at the age of 16. He didn’t know what to do out of his life or which college to choose to get a chance at a bright future. It was tough especially with the state in which the economy was.

He got into this whole world of making money from home through an MLM opportunity. He got approached by a recruiter while on campus and one thing led to the other. Soon enough he wasn’t skateboarding professionally anymore. He got into building six figure business… pretty crazy huh!

The main motivation that kept Matthew advancing, learning more things related to online marketing and applying them was his fear of the modern form of slavery, namely the 9-to-5 which ends with a 401K that companies gamble into oblivion to find yourself forced to work at the age of 80 to make ends meet… No thanks!

Due to his nature and how outgoing he is, Matthew leaned more towards the social applications of internet marketing or what referred to as Social Media Marketing and got very good at it. And in the process he mastered Facebook Fanpages for marketing purposes.

Fanpage Cashflow is basically the route he chose to share all his knowledge on Facebook marketing with an added value, namely Jamie Lewis’ knowledge.

Previous products by Matthew Neer

The quality of previous products is a very good indicator of the quality of upcoming products. That’s a rule I go by and find it to be pretty accurate. So here is what I could find about Matthew’s previous internet marketing related products and this is the product that caught my eye:

InstaSqueeze is a great tool to build gorgeous squeeze pages that convert like crazy and will allow you to build a list even quicker. And as you know… The Money is in The List!
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The product is definitely high-quality which makes me think that Fanpage Cashflow will be at least as good. I will able to confirm after I get prelaunch access and I will let you know.

You can learn more about Matthew Neer on his blog which you can find here.

And here is a video by him presenting himself:

Welcome to FanPage CashFlow dot Org

Welcome to my blog dedicated to reviewing Fanpage Cashflow by Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis.

I don’t have enough info about the product yet, but if it is the real deal, then you can expect a huge bonus that matches the quality of the product.

If it is yet another Clickbank make money online scam, then you can be sure that I will let you know so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money on information that’s not even worth the “bite” it was written with (I wanted to say the inc or paper but I guess that doesn’t apply to the online world anymore :) ).

So stay tuned to get the full story and potentially learn how this product will let you build or transform cash-sucking Facebook Fanpages.